Solar Simulation – XBO Short Arc Lamps & Metal Halide Discharge Lamps

by planetbulb on April 30, 2012

Irradiation for Solar Simulation – the sunny side of light

There is just one standard by which solar simulation is measured, and that is the sun. In various applications artificial light sources create a spectrum that is very close to that of sunlight. Some light sources get closer to the ideal than others.

Applications such as testing materials for aging and testing the efficiency of solar collectors call for different irradiation outputs. In these applications, small or large areas are irradiated in enclosed spaces depending on the particular simulation. Maximum efficiency plays an important role here. The best solutions are xenon short arc lamps (XBO) and metal halide discharge lamps (HMI). They cover different output ranges, are highly efficient, and also provide a stable output.

XBO Short Arc Lamps

XBO lamps are short arc lamps in which the discharge arc burns in an atmosphere of pure xenon gas at high pressure. OSRAM offers a wide range of xenon short-arc lamps (XBO lamps) that meet the high demands of solar simulation.

These lamps offer a quasi continuous spectrum with a very good color rendering index (Ra>95).  All XBO lamps offer hot re-ignition and in principle give light immediately after ignition.

A few of the XBO Short Arc Lamps Available at Planet Bulb:

  1. Osram XBO 100 W OFR 69233
  2. Osram XBO 150 W 1 69234
  3. Osram XBO 450 W 2 OFR 69243
  4. Osram XBO 75 W 2 69231

For more XBO Xenon Short Arc Lamps visit Planet Bulb.

HMI Metal Halide Discharge Lamps

HMI lamps are metal halide discharge lamps that are ideal for solar simulation. Throughout their life they offer good color rendering and a color temperature of 6000 K.

A few of the HMI Metal Halide Discharge Lamps Available at Planet Bulb:

  1. 1000 watt Metal Halide Mini BT37 MH1000 U BT37
  2. 150 watt Metal Halide Medium base MH150 U M
  3. 250 watt Metal Halide Mogul base MH250 U
  4. 50 watt Metal Halide Medium Base MH50 U M

For more HMI Metal Halide Discharge Lamps visit Planet Bulb.

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