Which Digital Projection Projector to Buy?

by planetbulb on March 8, 2012

Are you wondering what DLP front projector will give you the most amazing DLP experience? Well, look no further than the Digital Projection line of front projectors. These ultra high-end DLP projectors are, of course, pricey and out of most of our price ranges, but if you are looking for a product that will outperform all others than Digitial Projection is your answer. Digital Projection is known to be the technological future of home theaters and home cinema. It is hard to know which product is right for your institution, but the Digital Projection website helps you with their handy Calculator Toolbox.
link to Digital Projection website

To start you answer the question yes/no – Do you know which Digital Projection projector you would like to use? Obviously the answer is NO or you wouldn’t be here right? From there, say you are a house of worship. You can select that market. It will ask you a series of questions trying to drill down to the best selection for your situation. Once you step through the few questions Digitial Projection will point you towards one of their lines and show you a DLP projector they recommend with a specified brightness range (measured in Lumens and a Native Resolution. From here it gets technical…but Hey, we said this was high end right??
Digital Projection will calculate your Lumens, Contrast, Native Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Foot Candles, Throw Ratio, Max Vertical Shift, Max Horizonal Shift, and more.

If you can afford the sticker shock of a Digital Projection DLP projector, then you will be thoroughly impressed with the quality these units produce.

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