Toshiba LP100RV / 94823211 Projector Lamp

by planetbulb on April 9, 2012

Toshiba LP100RV / 94823211 is a replacement lamp for multimedia Projector Cubes 

Toshiba LP100RV / 94823211 replacement lamp is compatible with the following models:

  • Toshiba P380 DL
  • Toshiba P413 DL
  • Toshiba P414 DL 
  • Toshiba: P504 DL.

The Toshiba P380 DL,P413 DL, P414 DL, and P504 DL are high-end, multimedia projector cubes.  The LP100RV bulb is required to replace these Toshiba Projector cubes.  The Toshiba LP100RV OEM Replacement Lamp is an OEM, Original Manufacturer replacement Lamp for Toshiba Projector lamps.

Toshiba LP100RV product description:

  • Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
  • Sku: LP100RV
  • Model Number: 94823211
  • Display: Projection cube
  • Includes: Lamp and Housing
  • Watts: 120
  • Model Name: LP100RV / 94823211
  • Replaces Model Number: P380 DL, P413 DL, P414 DL, P504 DL 

Order Toshiba LP100RV / 94823211 projector replacement lamp at Planet Bulb.  Other Toshiba replacement lamps also available at Planet Bulb.

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