Sony XL Projector Lamps

by planetbulb on April 11, 2012

Sony offers a variety of XL projector lamps.  The advanced technology of the Sony XL Projector Lamp is designed to replace original lamps while offering a longer bulb life.  The XL bulbs are the same size to perfectly replace the original bulb.

The projector lamp of a TV can burn out and simply needs to be replaced to renew the brightness of the screen.  Purchasing a new lamp to replace the bad lamp is a very cost effective way to extend the life of TV’s and projectors.  Lamp replacements are available at Planet Bulb and self-installation is generally simple.  With the option of Sony XL lamps the life of the lamp is extended so that lamps are replaced less often and screen resolution is improved.

Planet Bulb offers a variety of different sizes and wattages of Sony XL Projector replacement lamps:

Additional Projection Lamps with Housing are available at Planet Bulb.

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