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by planetbulb on May 8, 2012

Projectors have multiple applications and have become essential in the business and entertainment industries, as well as right at home.  To keep projectors working at their highest performance a proper lamp must be supplied to the projector.  Replace your projector with lamps from Planet Bulb.  Planet Bulb specializes in projector lamps offering a huge variety of brands, styles, and wattages.

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Some of the most popular Brands of Projector Lamps:

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Projectors Applied:

Meetings & Small Conferences

Displaying presentation materials by projector at meetings allows information to be shared equally among those present. Problem points and issues displayed on a large screen can be easily verified and thus facilitate more effective, smoother flowing discussions. This likewise sets the stage for accelerated decision-making and speedier administrative processes. Easy setup and portability of projectors help reduce the loss of precious time. Moreover, as images can be projected for viewing even in well-lit environments, participants can also engage in note taking and refer to printed materials or other documents.

Large Conferences & Seminars

Projectors are now indispensable for conferences and seminars at large venues. They enable presentations that demand the attention of those present and leave a vivid impression through the synergistic effect of the presenter’s oral explanation combined with a dynamic rendering of presentation content on-screen through an ensemble of animation effects. Highly appealing presentations can put together at will to consist not only of PC generated materials but also elements of video and Website content as well. Seminars and conferences can proceed smoothly, while paper and labor that would usually be expended in distributing detailed materials to attendees are also saved.

Home Use

Experience the power of movie theater caliber images in your own living room when viewing TV, videos, DVDs or home videos with a projector. Get full enjoyment from video games by playing them on a big screen using a projector and put yourself right inside the game. Or project your favorite artists’ music videos, or those you shot yourself, on a big screen and turn up the heat at home parties.

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