Osram’s Extreme line of XBO Xtreme Life Lamps

by planetbulb on March 25, 2012

Why XBO Xtreme Life Lamps?

OSRAM XBO xenon projector lamps have become nearly as important as popcorn in movie theaters.  Setting the standard for film projection, the revolutionary XBO technology was awarded an Oscar® in 1984.  Osram’s XBO Xtreme Life lamps have set the new standard for cinema projection lighting.  Osram XBO Xtreme Life lamps offer multiple advantages compared to the classic lamp.

XBO Xtreme Life lamps have up to 50% longer life than classic XBO lamps and therefore Osram is able to offer a longer warranty. XBO Xtreme Life lamps can replace equivalent wattage types, incorporate the latest high brightness technology, and deliver maximum performance at prices comparable to the classic lamp.

What does this mean for the Cinema Owner?

Xtreme life
Xtreme reliability
Xtreme brightness
Xtreme technology
All this equates to up to 30% reduction in cost/hour **

** Lamps are replaced according to warranty

Osram XBO Xtreme Life lamps come in a variety of wattages:

OSRAM XBO Wattages
1600 2000 2500 3000 4000
XBO®  1600W XL XBO® 2000W/H XL XBO® 2500W/HS XL XBO® 3000W/H XL XBO® 4000W/HS XL
XBO® 1600W/HS XL XBO® 2000W/HTP XL XBO® 3000W/HS XL XBO® 4000W/HTP XL
XBO® 1600W/HSC XL XBO® 2000W/HS XL XBO® 3000W/HTP XL
4500 5000 6000 7000
XBO® 4500W/HS XL XBO® 5000W/H XL XBO® 6000W/HS XL XBO® 7000W/HS XL



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