Osram XBO Technology

by planetbulb on March 27, 2012

Advancements in Osram XBO Technology:

Osram is again on the leading edge of the technology changes in cinema. Digital projection and 3D are sweeping the world necessitating higher performance from cinema light sources with increased product demands. OSRAM has responded with several enhancements to the Osram XBO Xenon Short Arc family of lamps. These improvements have resulted in higher light output and longer lamp life, which increases performance and reliability to enhance viewer enjoyment. In addition, this minimizes outages, reduces operating costs, and ultimately saves money for the cinema owner. OSRAM has also revolutionized the lamp manufacturing process by designing and building automated production lines to keep up with the increasing demands of XBO lamps.

OSRAM created four different XBO product families to meet your specific performance goals:

Family Cinema Type Life Performance (Light Output)
Traditional Line 35 mm film Baseline Baseline
Classic Line (CL) 35 mm film Same Similar
Xtreme Life Series (XL) 35 mm film Longer Better
Digital Digital Reduced Best

Proprietary Material

OSRAM uses a proprietary material that maintains a much cleaner lamp throughout lamp life resulting in reduced downtime, higher screen lumens, greater viewer satisfaction, and reduced theatre operating costs.

  • Improved Lamp Life: A cleaner lamp results in longer lamp life
  • Better Lumen Maintenance: A cleaner lamp results in reduced aging effects like bulb blackening and Coil Sealing Technology (CST)
  • Higer lumens: OSRAM XBO Lamp Product Enhancements cathode burn back which provides higher maintained lumens and longer lamp life
  • Reduced Lamp Flicker: A cleaner lamp reduces screen flicker, extending lamp life
  • Reduced Ignition Voltage: Lamp cleanliness helps reduce the typical lamp voltage rise resulting in extended lamp life

Osram XBO Replacement Lamps Available at Planet Bulb:

XBO Xenon Short Arc
XBO Xenon Short Arc Cinema Film Projection
XSTAGE Xenon Short Arc Entertainment

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