Osram XBO Lamp Family

by planetbulb on April 5, 2012

The Osram XBO Lamp family continues to grow and offer more variety of high-quality projection lamps for all cinema needs.  As theatre technology develops OSRAM strives to stay a step ahead and advance to higher levels of performance.  Visual effects and enhancements are at the core of the technological development, making high quality projector bulbs essential for such effects.  OSRAM’s ongoing technology development, continues to adapt to change with innovative, value-added products. Digital projection and 3D are sweeping the world and demanding higher performance from cinema light sources. OSRAM has responded with several enhancements to the XBO Xenon Short Arc family of lamps. These improvements result in higher light output and longer lamp life.  This increases performance and reliability to increase viewer enjoyment. In addition, this reduces operating costs, minimizes outages, and ultimately saves money for the cinema owner.

Osram XBO Xenon Short Arc Cinema Film Projector Lamp Families

OSRAM created four different XBO product families to meet each specific performance goal:

Family Cinema Type Life Performance (Light Output)
Traditional Line 35 mm film Baseline Baseline
Classic Line (CL) 35 mm film Same Similar
Xtreme Life Series (XL) 35 mm film Longer Better
Digital Digital Reduced Best

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