Osram HXP Mercury Short Arc

by planetbulb on April 19, 2012

Osram HXP Mercury Short Arc lamps are gas discharge lamps in which the discharge arc burns in an atmosphere of mercury vapor at high pressure. Osram offers a wide range of short-arc mercury vapor lamps with and without reflectors and with wattages of 50 to 200 W. There is a choice of HXP and HBO lamps. The extremely durable HXP lamps are preferred for applications for UV spotlight treatment (for example composite curing and tooth whitening).

Osram HXP Mercury Short Arc Lamp

                Osram HXP R 120 W 45 C VIS Part # 69119 

Product Description:

  • Ordering Abbreviation: HXP R 120 W/45 C VIS
  • Product Number: 69119
  • Watts (W): 120
  • Volts (V): 75
  • Type of Current: AC
  • Current (A): 1.4
  • Lumens (lm): 2800
  • Color Temp (K): 9500
  • Length l max (mm): 77
  • Diameter d (mm): 64
  • Working Distance A (mm): 45
  • Avg Rated Life (hrs): 2000
  • Hot Restart: p 20
  • Operating Position: Special
  • Application: Medical, Dental, Operating Room
  • Group: HXP Mercury Short Arc

 Osram HXP Mercury Short Arc Lamp Benefits:

  • Very high luminous efficacy
  • Color temperature of approx. 9,500 K
  • Elliptical reflector for efficient focusing of the light
  • Long lamp life
  • AC operation with square-wave current

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