Halogen Welch Allyn Lamps

by planetbulb on May 15, 2012

Halogen Welch Allyn lamps replace many analytical and medical instruments such as: 

  • Otoscopes
  • Stethoscopes
  • Sphthamoscopes
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Blood analyzers
  • Endoscopes

Precision Analysis Demands Precision Lighting:

Given the importance of light in analytical instruments like blood analyzers or spectrophotometers, the success of the product’s design is dependent on your choice of lighting system.  Welch Allyn’s superior lighting technology provide precise illumination to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Welch Allyn understands the unique operating conditions that medical and dental instruments must endure. That’s why every Welch Allyn miniature halogen lamp is built to withstand the shock and vibration that many medical or dental instruments experience every day.

The following are Halogen Welch Allyn replacement lamps available at Planet Bulb:

2.5V Halogen Welch Allyn 03900

Item 03900
Bar Code 41228
Volts 2.5
Replaces Welch Allyn 03900

2.5V Halogen Welch Allyn 07600

Item 07600
Bar Code 41252
Volts 2.5
Filament C-6
MOL in/mm 0.90/22.9
Bulb TL-2
Base Thread
Replaces Welch Allyn 07600

2.5V .45A Welch Allyn 01800

Item 01800
Bar Code 41412
Volts 2.5
Watts 0.45A
Filament CC-6
MOL in/mm 0.98/25.0
Bulb T-2 1/2
Base Thread
Watts Amps (0.45)
Amps 0.45
Replaces Welch Allyn 01800

2.5V Welch Allyn 03600

Item 03600
Bar Code 41224
Volts 2.5
Filament C-2R
MOL in/mm 0.95/24.1
Bulb TL-2
Base Miniature Screw (E10)
Replaces Welch Allyn 03600


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