GE PAR Halogen Lamps

by planetbulb on July 31, 2012

GE PAR38 Halogen Lamp

HIR Plus Halogen Lamps

GE’s next generation of HIR PAR Lamps are available. With increased demand for energy saving lighting alternatives, GE – the inventor of HIR technology – has developed another breakthrough ecomagination product. Great for Retail, Property Management and anywere you use halogen PAR lamps today.

Features & Benefits of GE PAR Halogen Lamps:

• The industries most efficient Halogen PAR38s and PAR30 Long Neck lamps
• Up to 54% more efficient (higher LPW) than Standard PAR38s and up to 41% more efficient than Standard PAR30 long necks
• Another GE ecomaginationSM product
• Comes in a 10° spot or a 25° flood
• Long 4200 hour life rating
• Ideal for retail displays and anywhere Halogen PARs are used
• Excellent quality of light with 100CRI

** GE PAR Halogen lamps are available in all different sizes and wattages to replace floodlights **


GE PAR Halogen Lamps available to buy at Planet Bulb:

GE Edison PAR Halogen

GE Halogen HIR PAR30

GE Halogen HIR PAR30L

GE Halogen HIR PAR38

GE Halogen PAR20

GE Halogen PAR30

GE Halogen PAR30L

GE Halogen PAR38

GE Silv-IR PAR38


GE Edison PAR30


GE Edison PAR30L

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