GE MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide

by planetbulb on May 17, 2012

GE MR16 format ceramic technology offers longer life, colour consistency, and reliability!

GE MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide

GE MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) was developed to overcome the issues of quartz technology.  What do the benefits of GE CMH mean in practice? Apart from energy saving, there are many lighting design advantages and user benefits.

Life colour consistence:

CMH lamps are the most consistent colour performance HID lamp on the market.  Unlike quartz, the ceramic material used in ConstantColor™ CMH arc tubes is highly resistant to sodium migration. This eliminates one of the main drawbacks of Quartz Metal Halide lamps, which change colour output through life as sodium migrate through the arc tube wall.

Life energy efficiency:

Up to 20% more efficient than Quartz Metal Halide lamps.  Significant improvements in lumen maintenance.  More of the energy is converted to light thus the heat
radiation is minimized.

 Long life, reliable:

Lifetime up to 12000* hours at launch. Life test continues to establish final rated life.  Reliability: 90% at 7500 hours.

Compact, robust and interchangeable:

Compact reflector version with 3 beam angles to provide versatile lighting results.  Robust twist and lock industry standard GX10 base.  Ballast compatibility and full iterchangeability for optimisation of system efficacy.  Universal burning position provides maximum flexibility in all applications.

GE MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide Replacement Lamps Available at Planet Bulb:

Watts (W) Product Code Description Base Ansi Code
20 97638 GE CMH20MR16 830WFL MR16 GX10 C156
20 85110 GE CMH20MR16 830 FL MR16 GX10 C156
20 85101 GE CMH20MR16 830 SP MR16 GX10 C156
20 GE 20 Watt Ceramic MH MR16 GX10 C156
39 71489 GE CMH39MR16 930 FL MR16 GX10 C130
39 71488 GE CMH39MR16 930 SP MR16 GX10 C130
39 71490 GE CMH39MR16 930WFL MR16 GX10 C130
39 71491 GE CMH39MR16 942 SP MR16 GX10 C130
39 71492 GE CMH39MR16 942 FL MR16 GX10 C130
39 71493 GE CMH39MR16 942WFL MR16 GX10 C130


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