GE High Pressure Sodium Lamps

by planetbulb on June 21, 2012

GE High Pressure Sodium Lamp

GE HID Lamps feature GE quality and reliability. They are highly efficient light sources, offering more light per watt than comparable incandescent and most fluorescent light sources. GE HID sources feature long life, much longer than most incandescent sources and similar to fluorescent lamps.  They are a compact, point source like incandescent, allowing good optical control.  GE’s HID line includes Multi-Vapor® Metal Halide for sparkling white light and high operating efficiencies; ConstantColor CMH™ offers outstanding CRI, color control and efficiency; Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium for highest operating efficiency; and Mercury types for long life.

GE High Pressure Sodium Lamps

GE Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium Lamps gives the most energy efficient, long life choice with a warm golden color. Perfect for roadway, parking lot and industrial lighting where maximum efficiency is desired and color rendering is less critical. New NC NonCycling, Standby XL,™ and Ecolux® types reduce both maintenance and disposal costs.

Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium lamps offer very high efficiencies and low operating costs. They also feature very long life, high lumen maintenance (over 91%) and a warm golden color.  Standby XL™ versions offer extra long life and Ecolux® TCLP compliant types can lower disposal costs.  A change of a light bulb is all it takes to get these benefits.

Lucalox® Extra Life Choice
Standby XL™
Extra life HPS Lamps

• Twin arc tubes provide nearly 70% longer life, reducing maintenance costs
• Continuous light after power interruption
• HPS efficiency
• Full line: 70, 100, 150,

High Pressure Sodium Lamps are available at Planet Bulb:

Elliptical HPS

Basic High Pressure Sodium Lamps HPS

Ceramalux HPS

Diffuse Coated HPS

Tubular HPS

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