FML Compact Fluorescent Lamps

by planetbulb on April 23, 2012

FML Compact Fluorescent 4-pin plug in Lamps

Flat Four Tube Design • 18 to 36 Watt • 2700 to 6500K


As the use of FML Compact Fluorescent Lamps, both in commercial and residential, industries grows, EiKO’s selection of compact fluorescent lamps continues to expand to meet the demand.  The entire line features long life, high quality, tri-phosphor blends, and TCLP compliance.

Advantages of FML Compact Fluorescent Lamps:

  1. TCLP Compliant– Meets standards for reduced environmental impact
  2. Energy Efficient– Reduces power consumption by as much as 75%
  3. Top Quality Phosphors– Ensures stable and consistent light output
  4. Long Life– Less frequent re-lamping reduces maintenance costs
  5. Stable Color– Low color shift over time for more consistent lighting

Planet Bulb offers the following FML CFL Lamps at discounted prices:


Color Temp Base Bulb
FML18/65 18W 6500K GX10q-4 T-4
FML27/27 27W 2700K GX10q-4 T-4
FML27/41 27W 4100K GX10q-4 T-4
FML27/65 27W 6500K GX10q-4 T-4
BPFML55 55W 6400K GX10q-8 T-8

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