Elevator LED Bulbs – Retrofit existing Incandescent bulbs

by planetbulb on March 26, 2012

Did you know you can replace your existing incandescent elevator bulbs with new energy saving LED lamps? The LED version’s 4 watt rating offers the perfect balance between energy savings and light output. Elevator LED bulbs offer a great alternative to the very inefficient old style incandescent 1383 elevator lamp by offering savings of up to 80% in energy costs. Combine the energy savings, reduced relamping labor, and material cost savings, and our LED lamp will pay for itself in less than 1 year!

Retrofit your elevator cabin lighting today and start saving money immediately!

1383 Elevator LED Lamp Specifications:

Single Contact Bayonet Base
Operates at 9-13 volts AC/DC
2 Watt or 4 Watt
High Color Rendering Index (CRI) +85%
Available in White
Long Life, more than 50,000 hours!

Where can I get Elevator LED Bulbs?

Order these energy efficient replacement Elevator LED Bulbs at Planet Bulb.

1383 Elevator LED 2w
1383 Elevator LED 4w
GBF Elevator LED 2w
GBF Elevator LED 4w

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