915P061010 Mitsubishi Projector Lamp

by planetbulb on April 14, 2012

MITSUBISHI 915P061010 replacement lamp with Housing

Compatible Equipment Models:

  • Mitsubishi: WD57733
  • Mitsubishi: WD57734
  • Mitsubishi: WD57833
  • Mitsubishi: WD65733
  • Mitsubishi: WD65734
  • Mitsubishi: WD65833
  • Mitsubishi: WD73733
  • Mitsubishi: WD73734
  • Mitsubishi: WD73833
  • Mitsubishi: WDC657
  • Mitsubishi: WDY577
  • Mitsubishi: WDY657

Who makes the Mitsubishi 915p061010 DLP lamps?

Mitsubishi doesn’t make lamps for their DLP TVs! Philips is the original lamp manufacturer for the Mitsubishi 915p061010 Lamp.  The manufacturer of the equipment is Mitsubishi, the brand of the lamp is Philips.

What are the benefits of replacing the entire lamp unit (the lamp and the enclosure)?

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Newer enclosures do not warp and are safer to re-use later.
  • Cost-efficient to replace the lamp

Symptoms of a bad lamp:

  • Hear audio, but have no picture
  • Hear a ballast click, but the lamp doesn’t ignite
  • Unable to see the lamp light up in the back of the TV
  • Have blinking lamp indicator lights
  • Visual indication that the lamp is blown
  • Dim picture after years of use

Symptoms of another part malfunctioning:

  • Consistent or inconsistent clicking from the ballast
  • Screeching or winding sounds from the color wheel
  • No picture, no audio (possible power supply or ballast)
  • Blurry picture, or truncated picture (DMD or light tunnel)
  • No blinking lights, or different blinking lights
  • Spots or blobs on the screen (prevalent in LCD projection)

Mitsubishi 915P061010 Projector Lamp Details:

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

Model: 915P061010

Lamp Type: Enclosure

Lamp Brand: Philips

Description: These are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and a 100% genuine Mitsubishi 915P061010 replacement lamp with housing.

Mitsubishi 915P061010 available at Planet Bulb.


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