610 325 2940 Sanyo Projector Lamp with Housing

by planetbulb on April 17, 2012

The 610 325 2940 Sanyo Projector Lamp with Housing is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement lamp for Sanyo projectors. 

** SANYO is now part of the Panasonic Group **

 SANYO officially discontinued its production and sales of projectors and monitors. However, Planet Bulb still offers the original Sanyo lamps to replace Sanyo projectors.

SANYO Cinema Projectors

The enveloping widescreen experience movie fans have come to expect from first-run motion pictures and high definition home video has heightened expectations for visual clarity and excitement. SANYO Cinema Projectors come through with flying colors (millions, in fact), exceptionally contrast levels and true wide-screen HD capability. These remarkably bright, easy to use projectors already come equipped with a full complement of inputs and have many lens interface options available.

SANYO Home Theater Projectors

Bring home the authentic high definition excitement of the theater with SANYO home projectors. Used for years by companies, schools and organizations all around the world, SANYO projectors are exceptionally durable, easy to use and ideally suited for use in any home theater. And talk about value: Imagine a crisp, richly detailed 100” wide-screen image for about the price of a comparably featured 50” flat panel TV! Offering brilliant, high-contrast picture quality, SANYO home theater projectors are extremely quiet and incorporate a wide range of connectivity options.

Sanyo 610 325 2940, Projector Lamp Replaces the following Sanyo Projector Models:

  • Sanyo PLC-XP40
  • Sanyo PLC-XP40L
  • Sanyo PLC-XP45
  • Sanyo PLC-XP45L
  • Sanyo PLV-40L
  • Sanyo PLV-45L
  • Sanyo PLV-75
  • Sanyo PLV-70
  • Sanyo PLV-75L
  • Sanyo PLC-XU115
  • Sanyo PLC-XF70 
  • Sanyo PLC-XU88
  • Sanyo PLC-XU87
  • Sanyo PLC-XU84
  • Sanyo PLC-XL51
  • Sanyo PLC-XF42

More Sanyo Projector Replacement Lamps are available at Planet Bulb.

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